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Corporate Asset Protection

Businesses develop a wide variety of assets, not all of them people, customers or equipment


Your business has customers, equipment, capital, buildings, people and supplies.  When you start, grow or sell your business, you must value each of these items and understand how various business assets impacts your bottom line.  You also own intangible property, such as intellectual property and goodwill (the value of your brand).  Your intellectual property can be the very essence of your business. If you don’t protect it, you may find your business in trouble. From drafting contract language to protect your trade secrets to coordinating your patent, copyright and trademark intellectual property protections, Raiders Law is here to help you operate your business while not unnecessarily exposing your business to unnecessary risks. 

The firm can guide you through the process of managing these business risks, and, when the time comes, with our partner law firms, guide you through the process of protecting your business assets.

Raiders Law PC

Practicing business, environmental, land use and personal law.

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