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Probate and Estate Administration

Plan Ahead.  Your Loved Ones Will Appreciate Your Thoughtfulness.


Estates can be tricky.  Wills may not exist, or may not be what the loved ones hoped.   The process is often foreign to the executors and administrators who may be left to take care of the estate.  Sometimes there's not enough money to completely pay the decedent's debts.  The firm helps executors and administrators through the sometimes complex process of taking care of the details involved in administering an estate.  

As part of probate, the firm will assist the executor or administrator with the many decisions required to complete probate - from setting up the probate with the Orphans' Court to notifying and paying creditors to transferring assets.  The firm prepares Inheritance Tax returns for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Our recent practice now includes performing, filing, and completing judicial estate audits for our clients and other attorneys who may not specialize in estate audits and inheritance tax contests.  Sometimes the best way to manage an inheritance tax dispute with the Department of Revenue is to submit the estate to a judicial audit to resolve outstanding questions about inheritance tax liabilities and asset bases.  We're here to help.  

In recent years, Raiders Law has assisted beneficiaries and business owners with complex issues surrounding estates owning or having shares of businesses.  Raiders Law has successfully litigated estate matters concerning how long a beneficiary can remain on estate property, what happens with business assets held by estates, and how to manage complex charitable gifts held by estates.  Raiders Law also conducts estate audits when a family settlement agreement is not possible or if an estate becomes insolvent.  Raiders Law works with clients and attorneys facing complex issues to help executors and administrators navigate the difficult challenges of estate adminstration.  

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