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Land Use and Real Property

Purchasing business property can be a real challenge.

From working with real estate brokers, to understanding environmental and wetland concerns, to zoning and land use planning, Raiders Law is here to help your small business navigate the system. With a significant background in environmental and land use matters, Raiders Law has the experience to help you understand how you can best select your site and how to build it out.

We have experience appearing before a number of Zoning Hearing Boards and can help guide you through the varied and challenging practice before local zoning authorities.  

New Jersey startups may need to consider how to comply with the Industrial Site Restoration Act (ISRA) and a variety of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) land use regulation (LUR) programs as they build their companies. Raiders Law has experience working with DEP to address a variety of wetlands, tidelands, and waterfront development permitting challenges that New Jersey businesses face. Raiders Law works with several environmental consultants to help you cost-effectively manage these issues while meeting your business objectives.


As a landlord, Rich Raiders understands the challenges of owning and operating rental property. Raiders Law will assist in drafting lease agreements, work through eviction challenges, partition real estate, and, with its partner attorneys, litigate landlord tenant matters when necessary.

Raiders Law PC

Practicing business, environmental, land use and personal law.

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