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Sunoco's Pennsylvania Pipeline Work Suspended

Attorney Rich Raiders was interviewed on the suspension of Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline. Rich's clients are involved in an eminent domain lawsuit against Sunoco due to the pipeline and its impact on their land. During his interview, Rich explained that the "DEP’s action is surprising, and the stop-work order is both substantial and rare." According to Sunoco, the purpose of the pipeline is to "transport petroleum products from the Marcellus Shale to markets in Pennsylvania and elsewhere."

What is Eminent Domain in Pennsylvania?

Eminent domain allows the government or a public utility with government authority to take private property under appropriate circumstances. Normally the government negotiates with the property owner to determine a fair price in return for the property it wants to take. Taking may mean using only a portion of the property or property rights, or the entire property. Major disputes occur when the goverment does not offer a fair price or when it seeks to take property under inappropriate circumstances.

In the case of a pipeline, eminent domain may involve an easement through the property, actual taking of a large portion of the property, or other forms of property rights on the part of the real estate owners.

Contact Rich Raiders for Help

The law of eminent domain in Pennsylvania is complex and fights with the government are very challenging. If you are in a situation where the government is trying to take your property, feel free to reach out to Rich for assistance.

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