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Real Estate Closings

Buying a house is the largest investment most people make. Yet too many people enter this massive undertaking with no legal representation


Many home buyers only work with a seller broker – the one listing the property – and have no representation whatsoever! Remember, the seller broker works for the seller, not the buyer.  Even if the broker has an "dual representation agreement", the broker primarily represents the seller, the party paying for the real estate services.

Too many people find out that their rights to use their house as they want aren’t what they believed when they bought the house, that they don’t actually have access to their property from a public road, or that there are old zoning code violations that could become very expensive if they try to update their homes. Many people also find out that an innocent looking easement in the back or side yard may substantially restrict what they can do with their property. Remember, an easement is someone else’s right to use your property within whatever restrictions are in the easement. Most easements are designed to live on forever, “running with the land” in legal speak.

At Raiders Law, we help home buyers navigate the home buying process. Starting with reviewing your sales contract (including mandatory three-day review period for New Jersey clients (where you can cancel the deal within three days based on your attorney’s opinion) through closing, Raiders Law helps make sure you are getting the home you think you are buying, including understanding the risks you are assuming. Raiders Law will review your Home Owner’s Association (HOA) covenants to guide you on restrictions you are taking when you buy.

As a home buyer, you have other choices you may or may not know about. Many people know that they can hire a home inspector of their choice, but many do not know that they can choose their title insurance provider and title insurance coverage levels. Raiders Law takes the mystery out of title insurance, why you need it, and what it really does for you.  We also will help you find the best closing agent for yoru needs - you can chosse your closing agent, regardless of what your real estate agent may tell you.  

Raiders Law PC

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