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Raiders Law works with people and businesses to prevent and solve a variety of legal issues.

Environmental/Land Use

Raiders Law helps people and businesses with their environmental, land use and real estate issues. 


We help with anything from your real estate closings to your agency permits to zoning hearings and other land ownership questions.

Business and Estate Law

Raiders Law represents a variety of businesses, from forming startups to helping established businesses through a variety of challenges.

The firm represents companies, partnerships and homeowners' associations in contract, real property, eminent domain and other business matters.

We also help beneficiaries, estates, and businesses owned by estates manage the unique issues associated with Pennsylvania Orphans' Court issues.


I help electroplating companies and others deal with PFAS management, reporting, reduction, elimination, and conversion to non-PFAS solutions.

Please pardon our appearance.  This web site is under construction.  

Raiders Law PC

Practicing business, environmental, land use and personal law.

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